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Harmony Heals Partial Hospitalization Program


Once you achieve the exit criteria for Residential Treatment, you may transition to our partial hospitalization program (PHP). This program provides at least six hours per day of individual or group therapy tailored to your needs, but you will have more free time for personal development and socialization. You will continue some of the same groups and therapy sessions from Residential Treatment. You will be seen at least once per week by a therapist and will continue to meet with your Case Manager regularly. You may be moved into a sober living home near our Laguna Beach facility and transported daily to the center for your therapy sessions. You will still be supervised 24 hours per day by our experienced staff. The beach and other recreational activities will remain available.

Studies have shown that a full continuum of care, and continuity as a client progresses through the different levels of clinical intervention, ensures a lower percentage of recidivism and relapse. Harmony Heals Partial Hospitalization Program was designed to help the client reintegrate into society, while maintaining the therapeutic growth and insight gained in the residential treatment level of care.

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