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Harmony Heals specialises in Opiate Detox. Opiates are one of the most widely prescribed analgesics across the globe, for the simple reason that they work and they work well. Doctors will generally prescribe them to patients who are experiencing mild to moderate pain as a means to make them able to carry on with life normally. The side effects from these drugs include drowsiness, dizziness and nausea and it is for this reason that many people stop taking them very quickly. However, for others, the side effects are less unpleasant and can bring with them an immense sense of well-being or euphoria if you will and this feeling can very quickly become addictive.

Patients who have mental health conditions whether diagnosed or not are immediately at an increased risk of becoming addicted to opiates on an emotional level but even the most mentally stable patients can become physically addicted in a very short period of time. Withdrawal symptoms can appear within days and a single missed dose can result in aches and pains, sweats, cramps and other uncomfortable symptoms. Another issue is tolerance because after a while the body gets used to the pain killers and the positive effects from the drug will slowly disappear.

“This can cause them to turn to the black market for these drugs and even switch from prescription drugs to cheaper and more risky substitutes like heroin.”

Many opioid addicts will try and excuse their behavior. They will tell themselves that they need this medication and they only take it because they have to. They will also find ways to justify increasing doses or turning to illegal ways of obtaining the drug. Even the heaviest of addicts will have moments of self clarity though and during these times they will admit to themselves that they may have a problem. These moments don’t last though and before long they are back in the throes of addiction.

If a person does ask for help then depending on the severity of the addiction and whether a person has progressed on to stronger and illegal opiates such as heroin, a stay in a rehabilitation facility may be needed. The first and hardest step of becoming sober is the withdrawal period. There is no secret that withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant and this puts many addicts off from getting the help. Luckily, there are many drugs available which can help to relieve the discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms.

“Researchers at the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction also believe that anti-seizure drugs may help with anxiety, depression and irritability.”

It is a sad fact that the more opioid painkillers are prescribed, the more people are going to become addicted. Maybe it is time for medical professionals to start looking at other methods to manage mild to moderate pain, or at least taking some medical and family history before prescribing them to make sure that they are suitable and that the patient is not at an increased risk of developing an unhealthy and possibly life threatening addiction.

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