Methadone Detox

Methadone Detox

Methadone is a drug which many believe to be used as a treatment for those suffering from heroin addiction but contrary to popular belief it is also very successful as a pain relieving medication.

“Recently, it has been increasingly prescribed as a pain reliever for patients whose moderate-to-severe chronic pain does not respond to non-narcotic pain medications.”

It is a synthetic opioid which is an analog of both heroin and morphine which, unfortunately, makes it highly addictive and those who take it, even for a short length of time could find themselves in trouble. Morphine was developed in Germany in 1937 so that the country could have a regular source of opioids and then in 1947 the drug traveled to the U.S.A.

The side effects are very similar to those of other opioids. These include things like nausea, dizziness and drowsiness but along with these come the euphoria and sense of well being as with most other narcotics. This leads to addiction at the same rate.

There are medicinal treatments available to help with recovering from an opioid addiction but these will only help with the physical side effects. Due to the euphoric feeling which can be experienced through narcotics many people become emotionally dependent on them and this is where the battle of willpower comes into play. There are many facilities throughout the U.S. which aid those recovering from narcotic addiction and they provide support groups, counseling and a 12 step program of recovery.

“The Twelve Steps were written by Bill Wilson, but he did not take credit for them and they were fully developed by experienced rehabilitation professionals.”


In step one, those who have the addiction have to admit that they have a problem and have lost control of their lives. This is most important because if the patients don’t want to admit this then they won’t be committed to their recovery.

By the time patients reach the end of the program they will be going out into the community, helping others who are still at the beginning of the recovery process. They may offer counsel in sessions or on a one to one basis within the community. They may continue on this journey for as long as they like.

This 12-step program is used throughout the world and has proven to be very successful. However, methadone addiction is a very difficult problem to overcome and relapse occurs in many cases.

To be completely successful and become sober patients may need to completely overhaul their lives including moving to a new area away from the source of their addiction, cutting friends out of their lives, changing their careers, and more. It is a big step to take but if sobriety is going to be a permanent lifestyle then it has to be taken.

Methadone can be a dangerous drug and if a person is predisposed to addiction, such as having a family history of substance abuse or a mental health problem like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, then a suitable alternative should be sought. Harmony Heals Detox is proud to offer a methadone detox program that can help you or a loved one regain health and balance in life.

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