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Our alcohol detoxification program, located in Laguna Beach California, provides you the support you need to get through the difficult withdrawal phase of alcohol rehabilitation. Withdrawal from alcohol dependency can range from relatively benign to quite severe and dangerous. The severity depends on the amount of alcohol consumed, the length of time of abuse, age, overall health, and other factors. Typical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal range from insomnia, nausea and tremors to the possibility of withdrawal seizures and delirium. Our staff will monitor you during withdrawal that can take from as little as 3 days but more typically from 5 to 7 days and sometimes up to 14 days in severe cases. A doctor may prescribe medication for you during your stay to deal with the nausea, sleeplessness, and anxiety of withdrawal and to prevent seizures in some cases. We will also make sure you remain hydrated and receive nourishment as your appetite allows and your body heals. At the same time you will receive counseling during your stay and partake of our many amenities to heal your mind and spirit. Once your withdrawal symptoms abate Harmony Heals Detox will arrange your transfer to the next stage of your care. We will also follow up with you at periodic intervals after your discharge to make sure your recovery is on course or to see if you require additional support.

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