We believe that by addressing trauma with qualified professionals, from the beginning of treatment, leads to a reduction in relapse and supports long term sobriety.







We provide the highest quality, effective care. If you are visiting and in need of help, do not wait another minute…. Do not wait another second….Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is a life threatening disease and requires immediate attention. Depending on the condition, this may require special care. Our team will guide you through the process.

Rehab center in laguna beach

We are a top-tier, licensed, and accredited team of alcohol and drug rehab professionals, and we are known for our executive treatment and luxury rehabilitation facilities. Yet, our treatment is as affordable as most other programs in Southern California. We believe in providing a safe, caring environment allowing you or your loved one to get the specialized help needed.

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We make saving a life simple. Just pick up the phone and call 1-800-426-5943. Our Intake team is ready 24 hours a day. Or simply click on “Get the Help You Need Now” below and our staff will review your options with you to give you immediate answers.

laguna beach rehab common room
Rehab center in laguna beach

We are a Laguna Beach rehab center, overlooking the tranquil and peaceful coast. The beautiful shores of Laguna Beach generate a peaceful setting and the familiarity of being at home.

Call now 1-800-426-5943.

We are a Trauma-Specific Program for Drug and Alcohol Rehab.

Our team of experts know firsthand what needs to happen next. Over the years, we have helped thousands of individuals with substance use problems achieve and maintain sobriety. At Harmony Heals, we have assembled a team of caring professionals who have extensive experience in trauma-informed drug and alcohol rehab. Our team will help you explore options from detox to residential rehab and outpatient treatment.

This is the time that you need. This is your time to find Harmony.

What Our Friends In Recovery Say

Getting Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Sam S

Recovering Addict

Thank you Harmony Rehab! I'm now 90 days clean and sober! 

success detox at Harmony heals detox and rehab

Beth S

Recovering Addict

Thanks to the team at Harmony Heals, I'm now 45 days sober! 



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